Keynote Speakers
 Keynote 1

Neil Mosley

United Kingdom

Neil_Mosley.pngNeil Mosley is an education consultant, specialising in digital & online learning and learning design. He has years of experience working at the intersection of strategy, design, learning and technology in higher education. 

He has worked on the design & development of world-leading online & blended programmes and courses across a number of global online learning platforms for some of the best universities in the world, including Imperial College, Royal College of Art and Cardiff University. 

He currently works with a range of education providers including universities, colleges, training providers, schools, arts & cultural organisations as well as other types of small and large organisations.

His consultancy focuses on how to enhance, design and develop effective digital & online learning experiences and how to craft and apply digital learning strategies. He also helps people and organisations to grow and identify new ways to approach the challenges and opportunities in front of them.

Twitter: @neilmosley5

Creating the conditions for effective blended learning

 Keynote 2

Dr. Stefan Stenbom

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

3458_square.jpgStefan Stenbom is an Associate Professor in Learning in Engineering Sciences at the Division of Digital Learning, Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. His research interests include analysis of online and blended learning environments and the Community of Inquiry theoretical framework.

Stefan Stenbom is also a Lieutenant in the Swedish Armed Force’s home guard serving as the deputy commander for the 234. Intelligence Company.

Digital Learning as a Community of Inquiry

As educational development unfolds in the coming years, one key element will undoubtedly be supporting those who have gained hands-on experience in emergency remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic and now seek guidance about continuing to develop high-quality digital education. The Community of Inquiry framework is a widely recognized and evidence-based approach to understanding and improving the quality of online and blended learning. Based on a collaborative-constructivist learning approach, it combines social presence, cognitive presence, and teaching presence to create and sustain a fruitful digital learning environment.

This keynote will explore the key components of the Community of Inquiry framework and how they can be leveraged to create a rich and engaging learning environment in a digital setting. Additionally, we will examine the benefits and challenges of using the Community of Inquiry framework in digital learning and will provide insights and strategies for effectively implementing this framework in a variety of educational contexts.

 Keynote 3

Julian Stodd

Sea Salt Learning, United Kingdom

04E11425-1B69-4DCA-A662-8D622C6C87C3.jpegResearcher, Writer, Illustrator, Explorer of the Social Age. My work explores leadership and learning at the intersection of formal and social systems.

Sense Making in Social Learning: The Imperative for Diverse Capability.

To cope with the diverse challenges and rapidly evolving context of operations today, we need to hold diverse capability and the power to connect. It’s no longer enough to codify knowledge and teach a story that we know: instead we must hold a capability to develop and evolve ‘meaning’ as we learn.

This session will consider social learning as a mechanism for ‘sense making’ and the creation of meaning, within a broader strategic imperative to hold a more diverse type of capability. We will consider this from a learning methodological perspective, as well as a broader strategic one.


Keynote speakers: 45 mins.
Speakers (Auditorium): 30 mins.
Parallel sessions: 40 mins.
Workshops: 2x40 mins. or
Workshop: 90 mins.


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