Detailed information and some further demands from organizers

Dear Ladies & Gents,

As promised - here You all have detailed information and some further demands from the organizer's side concerning the 2021 NORDEFCO ADL Conference Online:

  1. Official program attached - this is the baseline of how the NORDEFCO ADL team is conducting daily LIVE sessions.


  2. The conference website is
  3. Registration to the conference will start 1st April 2021 - please register asap after the opening - You as a speaker or Your co-speaker do not have to pay the registration fee.
  4. The conference website will open on Mon 26th April 2021 at 0800 CET.
  5. LIVE sessions will start daily at 1400 CET in MS Teams meeting room - link to the meeting room is available to all registered speakers and participants from the conference website.
  6. The daily LIVE session will start with a Keynote speaker presentation (ex. 3rd day when we have a closing keynote presentation) and follows with a discussion phase about the keynote presentation. The daily LIVE session will continue with pre-rec video presentation discussions according to the program. Each speaker will have approx. 15 minutes to briefly introduce (in "3 minutes nutshell") her/his presentation and after that answer the questions from participants. NORDEFCO ADL team will moderate the LIVE session.
  7. Please provide Your brief BIO, a brief intro to Your presentation and 1 photo of You NLT 31st March 2021 to and
  8. Please provide Your pre-recorded video URL link (ex. Keynote speakers) and other possible presentation material to Biljana Presnall / email: NLT Friday 16th April 2021. We will transfer the pre-recorded video link and possible presentation material to the right position at the conference website.
  9. We prefer to upload Your presentation to Youtube or Vimeo channel. Please name Your presentation when uploading it: NORDEFCOADL2021_title_speaker
    PLEASE NOTE: Store Your video as a "PRIVATE/NOT PUBLIC" so we can ensure that the video is available only for the conference audience.

  10. We strongly recommend that pre-recorded presentations are max 15 minutes long and before the LIVE discussion session the topic is briefly opened to all the participants by the speaker to really kick off the discussion. Key Notes will have total 75 minutes for the presentation and discussion phase. Due to this is an international event and we are using English as the official language - please speak slowly and clearly that all participants really understand Your presentation.

In case You need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

CDR Erkki Heinonen
NORDEFCO ADL team members



This year's conference was conducted as an online conference.