Oct 19, 2019 -- Posted by : Martin Hans Jensen


When I teach, I often need to ensure that specific knowledge is understood by everyone in the class..

There is a few free online systems at the internet to help me with that. This one is PollEverywhere.  

  1. You sign up and get as an access to your own online portal
  2. You create a question and some answers
  3. Put the direct link (you get from the system) up on you powerpoint or smart board
  4. Students can reply on their mobile phone or on their laptop

If you in the registration, remember to choose that you are a teacher in the education sector, then 40 people can respond to each survey you create. (I have only occasionally had a need for more people to answer, and then I have chosen to use another program called IQpoll - it can do up to 100 people for free).

It is completely anonymous.



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