NATO e-Learning 2017

Aug 31, 2017 -- Posted by : Allan Leander Østergreen


NORDIC ADL Forum of Experts have during the last days together with 80 participants from Nations, Universities, NATO staff and Industry participated in NATO e-Learning Forum at Virginia Beach. It has been days with briefings and good discussions on where we are with ADL, and how do we see the future. Some of the main findings are that we still face some struggles in implementing ADL in the way we want to, but we are on our way, and with the right ressources we will reach our goal.

  • How do we optimize the learning by using ADL.
  • How do we connect the different technical systems to get the needed information about our learners in the future and what are the future technics for delivering of ADL.

Sweden awarded with 1st prize for best e-Learning solution

During the event, the participating organisations and companies were invited to present the best e-Learning from each organisation. Sweden was awarded the 1st price for the best e-Learning solution.



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