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Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. You can download the software onto your own web server or ask one of our knowledgeable Moodle Partners to assist you.

Moodle is built by the Moodle project which is led and coordinated by Moodle HQ, which is financially supported by a network of over 80 Moodle Partner service companies worldwide.

Moodle Announcements
Jul 3, 2020
by Sander Bangma.   Hi All, As announced a little while ago on the roadmap we are planning to focus on some bigger pieces of UX improvements for Moodle 4.0. To enable us to do so we are going to take a bit longer and the scheduled release date fo…
Jul 1, 2020
by Diego Fabra.  Hello all,As you know, MoodleMoot Global Online 2020 is kicking off in 5 days - and over 820 people have already signed up!We’d love as many of you as possible to be part of this event and to have the opportunity of connecting with e…
Jun 30, 2020
by Candice Diemer.  Are you a teacher, student or community developer? The UX team is running fun, collaborative workshops over the course of July and we are inviting you to join us in these sessions!  We are currently in the planning phase of our Mo…


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